Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good News!

I'm very excited about the fact that I will be able to borrow a camera for the first interview this weekend. I've been debating about using a camera or not for this first meeting, and things are falling in place. By borrowing this camera, I'll be saving about $4k!

It's always a painful thing for a photographer to have no camera, and I am learning that the same is true for filmmaking. It's painful to know you're going in to interview someone and possibly have made the wrong decision in choosing to not record it.

The reason I'm weighing this decision is because I really want to connect with the people I'm meeting this weekend. I want to focus on getting to know them, hearing their story and letting their experiences wash over me. I don't want to be distracted by setting up equipment, worrying about lighting, or focusing on mics. I'm prioritizing meeting the people, not focusing on the final footage. Call me crazy, right?

This is the perfect solution to meet all of my goals for this first step this weekend:
  • Record the interview without being too intrusive
  • Not worry me too much about dropping such a huge chunk of change
  • Still have broadcast quality footage for the final film
  • Save $4k by borrowing the camera instead of investing in my own purchase
It's amazing when these things come together so easily like this, and is proof that some things are meant to happen! I really feel a connection to this story, and am so excited to be recording it to share with others. Pinch me, this can't be reality.

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Anand Rathore said...

hey.. I just don't want to divert your attention as you are busy with your film..but cant stop myself , i have gone through you blog from beginning.. many times i felt am reading my own story... my own journey to make films..after this film project pls think of writing book... register your title now..diary of documentary sounds good.. you can think for other name too... its really good idea and gonna be a very useful and motivational book for film lovers...